I am never bored of the captivating images that can be found around us everyday & take pleasure in the pursuit of recording these images on film or digital media. I live in Torrance, just north of Glasgow,  & I am blessed with luck in staying in one of the most photogenic countries in the world, Scotland, my land, spirit & love. I was first introduced to "serious" photography when I borrowed my fathers old Agfa 35mm camera, which when I got hold of it, it was already 20yrs old. When I had the transparencies developed, I was immediately hooked on photography, & I have spent the last 30yrs or so since trying to capture that all elusive perfect picture.
I have the honour of being a member of  the Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers. The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers is a collective based around the principles of quality, environmental awareness and the promotion of Scotland’s landscape. The membership represents some of the best photographers of the Scottish landscape currently active and the Society was formed as a haven of sorts for professionals and top quality amateurs. Our membership contains many awards winners both nationally and internationally as well as major company ambassadors and nationally published photographers.
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